Deux Poires

The most exclusive liquor in the world

About us

Deux Poires is a pear liquor finely spiced up with fleur-de-lys. This is the most exclusive liquor production in the world, only one bottle is produced per year for each Signature.

Our values

How do we define ourselves?

Deux Poires is the very essence of exclusivity, luxury and perfection. We believe that some products need endless attention to achieve excellence, which is why the production of each Signature is limited to one bottle per year. This is what makes and will always make the very essence of the Deux Poires House.


Each bottle of Deux Poires House is a unique object, prepared by hand with the greatest care. They are identified by their Signature and their unique number. By becoming the owner of a product from our House, you enter a very closed circle of privileged people. Ultra limited production ensures that this exceptional product will retain its value.

The Signatures

The Signatures are the different production series of the House. There are only two, the « Nouvel An » and « Versailles » Signatures, which allow the production of two bottles in one year. « Nouvel An » is on sale from January 1 to 15 to celebrate the New Year, while « Versailles » is on sale from September 5 to 20 in homage to Louis XIV.


Deux Poires House products can only be obtained at auction from us. The date of the auction varies according to the Signature, so you will have several opportunities during the year to acquire the fruit of our production. The auctions are anonymous and the names of the buyers are not disclosed, we assure you the greatest discretion.

The Club

All purchasers of a product from our House can, if they wish, join The Club, made up exclusively of other purchasers, to discuss with them and meet them during private events organized by Deux Poires House. Becoming a member of The Club will allow you to rub shoulders with the men and women who have made Deux Poires House famous.

Product of France

All Deux Poires House products are prepared in France according to a recipe that pays homage to French terroirs and the tradition of making liquors. France is a symbol of luxury and excellence throughout the world and Deux Poires House is proud to participate in this fame by always reaching new heights of perfection.

The House

The entire Deux Poires House is mobilized on a daily basis to bring you the greatest satisfaction through exceptional products. All the staff of our House are at your disposal to meet your requirements as precisely as possible. We would be delighted that you contact us for any request, whether you are a loyal owner or a future buyer.

The Signatures

  • The « Nouvel An » Signature is an ode to celebration, a song to friendship and a hymn to traditions. True tribute to the past year already containing all the promises of the one to come

    « Nouvel An »
    « Nouvel An » from the first to the fifteenth of January
  • The most emblematic monument of French luxury, the Palace of Versailles is the perfect inspiration for the Signature « Versailles » which is unveiled each year for the birthday of Louis XIV

    « Versailles »
    « Versailles » from the fifth to the twentieth of September

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The products of the House being made by hand, their appearance may differ from the visuals presented on the site.